What 1000 Storybooks Does

1000 Storybooks removes all the common barriers to publishing children’s picture books by doing EVERYTHING except write the first draft of the story!

All you have to do is write a decent, 14-page story that is roughly 1,000 words in length, and we will get you from DRAFT to DONE. Once you’ve got a manuscript ready, we will provide…

  • Professional editing
  • Book cover design
  • 14, custom illustrations (one for each page to accompany the text)
  • Book formatting for publishing as a KDP paperback and case laminate hardcover
  • 3D images great for use on your website and for posting on social media
  • Advertising graphics as needed

The finished files will be ready to publish via Ingramspark for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and everywhere else Ingram distributes your book, including brick and mortar bookstores!

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The best Part !

The best part is that the finished product will be of truly professional quality… And only cost $1,000!

The typical cost for this level of work is $2,000-10,000! Yikes!

And even at the high prices that you’ll find elsewhere, you’ll likely still have to split the royalties from sales of your book with the illustrator.

At 1000 Storybooks, you will be the sole owner and copyright holder of the finished product, and you won’t have to share royalties with anyone! EVER! There is no monster at the end of the book! 🙂

Search all you want. There is nothing on the planet even CLOSE to the value of 1000 Storybooks!


Make a fully refundable $500 deposit today to make your dream real! If you have any questions, simply Contact Us or read through the FAQ below


Our standard books are done at the common 8.5X8.5 inch size, and all are produced at the industry standard 32 pages. Sticking to the same size every time really streamlines our process, allowing us to keep our rates extremely affordable. If you’d like a different size, no problem! But there will an additional $200 fee added to your final $500 payment upon completion of the project.

We can absolutely do whatever you want, but the additional charges for custom layouts that differ from our standard text-on-the-left, illustration-on-the-right (as shown in the example book on the site), will be considerable. Contact Us for a custom quote.

We do not. With all the print-on-demand services available, it’s very impractical to self-publish your book in any other way. The files we give you are best uploaded to Ingramspark, which will allow you to order inexpensive or free “proof” copies to see the book before listing it for sale. You’ll also be able to order as many copies of your book for physical delivery from Ingram at a heavily-discounted rate.  

Yes! We’re happy to do work for publishers of all sizes, and give full legal release of our work without any demand for a share of the royalties.

If you publish your book with Ingramspark (recommended), they will make your book available to be ordered by brick and mortar bookstores. That doesn’t mean you can expect to see it in the front window at every Barnes and Noble, but if it’s having some success it will trickle into some physical bookstores for sure. And we can advise you on how to submit your book to librarians as well.

That is not included in the basic package, but we do offer inexpensive marketing consultation, and we operate a book advertising agency and a book promotion site that can both be helpful tools to sell your book. Let us know if you are interested in these services upon completion of your project.

Yes! We will do this after completion of the front cover. We’ll need some text on the back from you (the book description usually suffices, but quotes are nice if you have any), and an author photo and bio are nice additions if you have them. We’ll request all this information later, so don’t worry about it too much until we ask for it.

Our illustrators will try to ace the right look and feel for your book based on your responses to our questionnaire (that you fill out during checkout) and your finished story on the very first attempt. We hope to get it right the first time for efficiency’s sake, but are willing to do unlimited revisions and even switch to new illustrators if the first one can’t get the style you’re hoping for on the first few tries.

Yes! You’re welcome to give detailed ideas for each and every illustration, or let the illustrator make those judgments based on the story and that illustrator’s strengths and weaknesses. There are pros and cons to both approaches, so it’s really up to you to decide what route you’d like to take.

Yes, but then we’d have to KILL you! 🙂 You will be able to type or record any messages that you would like to relay to the illustration team, and they will be forwarded to them, but unfortunately we must keep the identities of our illustrators a secret to keep them from getting stolen from us!

We will refund up to 100% of your deposit if you request a refund before we begin the editing and illustration. Once we begin work on the project and begin investing time and money into the book ourselves, we will only be able to refund up to half of your initial $500 deposit if you are unsatisfied with our work or need to cancel the order for any reason before completion. Of course, if we are truly negligent for any reason or need to terminate the project due to circumstances that we’re at fault for, we will offer a full refund no matter how much  we’ve invested into the project.

If everything goes smoothly and no revisions are needed, the project can be completed as quickly as 45 days from the time the order is placed. With typical revisions you should expect the entire project to take 60-90 days. As a general rule, the four primary phases, which are editing, cover design, illustration, and formatting each take about 14 days to complete, with illustration often taking a little extra and formatting taking a little less. 

Yes! In general, we’re up for pretty much ANYTHING that you have in mind, but costs for atypical projects will be considerable. Contact Us for custom quotes on projects that don’t perfectly fit our mold.

Yes! We do it all! Once you are our customer, we’ll make sure you get the images you need at no additional charge!  

Yes and no. If you have your own illustrator, you do not need our service. You likely would only need a formatter, and you can get that done affordably at our partner site, www.FormattedBooks.com. If you have your own editor or feel like you don’t need one, we do not offer discounts to discourage our authors from cutting corners just to save what would likely be $100 at most. Even if your manuscript has already been edited, we still prefer to give it another round of edits ourselves to make sure it’s up to professional standards.

Our Story

1000 Storybooks was born from the highly-reputable book cover design service, 100 Covers. 100 Covers is known for providing stunning, publishing-house quality book cover design work for just 10-30% of the going rates. The quality to price ratio is unparalleled in the industry.

As 100 Covers grew and expanded into book cover illustration for children’s books, the vision for 1000 Storybooks became crystal clear.

Just as we made 100 Covers the best value in the industry by far, we knew we could do the exact same thing for authors looking to publish competitive children’s picture books.

1000 Storybooks was born and is run by Emily, daughter of 100 Covers founder, Matt Stone! Emily watched the success of 100 Covers unfold from day 1 and brings the same vision for exceeding customer expectations on every project.

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